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Weight-per-meter control for blown film lines - GraviSys-g/m

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Individual system components

schematics extruder g/m control


The weight per meter length is calculated from extruder throughput and line speed. Throughput values are provided by the GP2408 loss-in-weight controller. Line speed is monitored by a contact wheel equipped with a rotary encoder. The Simatic S7-1200 PLC control system collects all process values and operator settings and uses them to control the extruder and take-off drive.

The GraviSys-g/m system meets highest standards for quality and production efficiency. The system pays for itself in a few months from material savings alone.

Main operating screen

HMI extruder g/m control


An intuitive graphic user interface is designed for a 7" touch panel. It supports the operators in a quick and simple start-up of the lines. In manual mode extruder and take-off speed are set by numerical entry or up and down keys independently. Alternatively a synchronous mode for both drives can be chosen. As a result weight-per-meter is displayed in figures and in a bar graph

Our philosophy is to show real process values as a realistic image of all process conditions in real time. A trend chart of these values helps to detect disturbances and noise. Consequently the process can be optimised to achieve high quality products

Production report

MES extruder control

Manufacturing execution system (MES) with entry of order information

Beside the control issues the system provides manufacturing information as material consumption, length produced and time spent. Both the operator and the system appraise the quality of the product. In comparison to the order values a bar graph indicates production progress in percent. An alarm event marks the end of production. All production values can be transfered to the MES host to generate an order report.

Product information

Metergewichtsregelung GraviSys

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