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Gravimetric control on extruder

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weigh hopper with GM2408ex


The standard equipment to control the throughput of an extrusion consists of a weigh hopper in combination to a gravimetric controller like GraviMaster 2408ex.

The controller is designed to be built into the front panel of a cabinet or a separate enclosure near to the extruder.

The advantages of a separate box are:

  • simple retrofit
  • direct control of the extruder drive
  • Optional: status and alarm indication
  • All cables with connectors on the rear side of the box

weigh hopper with local controller


On co-extrusion lines which are typically controlled by a PLC the gravimetric controllers are distributed. Each hopper has its own box containing the gravimetric controller GraviProfi 2408f and as an option digital I/Os for other functions i.e. proximity switches.

All units are supplied with 24VDC and linked to a communication network. GraviProfi 2408 offers the following function:

  • Direct connection to load cell and refilling valve
  • Communication port: Profibus DP or Modbus via RS485/422
  • Local indication of measured value and set-point
  • Convenient calibration near the load cell

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